Hey Church Family just a lil update about what is going on in our student ministry


This past week on Wednesday Night we had Josh Nichols from “More Than This”  lead worship for us.

God is doing great things through this young man and he did a great job leading us into worship.Josh has made it through several audition cuts from the show “The Voice” so who knows we may see him on tv soon.


We had the 4th sermon in our Leadership series.”Reducing the Fear Factor in Sharing Jesus” .God is doing a great work in our students as far as challenging them to be leaders in their walk with God and in the church as well.


Sunday Night we went to “Crunkfest”  a Christian Music event where over 30 people came to know the Lord it was a little different for my music taste but God’s word is not void and people came to know him which was great.

We went to Jefferson’s afterwards and had one of the servers tell me that we had one of the best group of students that she had waited on.There is a lot going on over the next 2 months with us please continue to pray for us that we will keep striving to grow closer to Christ and be the Godly leader and disciple he has called us to be.

Remember on Wednesday Night after church we are celebrating the June birthdays with ice cream and milkshakes  from Sonic. Sunday is Father’s day so I am challenging all the students to spend time with their dad or granddad.


We still need some sponsors for the youth trip it is less than two weeks away.Please start praying for the guys by name that God will do an amazing work through this camp.

Mason Battles

Mason Boring

Patrick Evans

Craig Hopper

Sawyer Phillips

Jacob Shew


Also please remember we are here to serve if you have a student or family that you would like us to visit or hang out with call or email me and we will try our best to reach out to them.


                                                                   For His Glory,

                                                                     Josh Dodd